Tip Your Cleaners!

Happy with your service? Follow the link below or scan the qr code to thank your cleaning team!

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Tipping FAQs

Your team does not expect a tip, but they will love you for it! If you’re a believer that high morale produces great work, tipping your team can be a worthwhile investment. We hire many artists, a notoriously cash-strapped segment of the population, so a little extra income from tips is always helpful. And we all love to receive positive feedback – a tip is a fantastic way to show your cleaners you appreciate their work!

That said, tipping is never expected. We are proud to pay our staff a living wage, so no one is relying on your tip to make ends meet.

Follow the link above, or scan the QR code, and you’ll be able to send a tip from your credit/debit card or Google Pay. A small convenience fee applies.

You can tip individual team members directly if you know who cleaned for you. They will receive it instantly!

Or, you can select “Your Cleaning Team”. Happy Earth managers will then make sure the tip gets split among the team members who cleaned for you at your most recent appointment. Your cleaning team will receive their share as soon as we disburse it, usually within a day.

Yes! Feel free to tip your team directly with cash if you prefer.

Please make sure that any cash tips left out on a table or counter are clearly labeled. We won’t take unlabeled cash from your home.

Unfortunately our tipping system doesn’t support ACH/bank account payments yet. We will update our customers if this changes in the future!

Unfortunately our system doesn’t support recurring tips.

If you already have auto-recurring tips set up with our previous system, they will continue to go through as normal. However, we cannot apply auto-recurring tips to our customers moving forwards, so if you have recurring tips set up currently and cancel them, we will not be able to put them back in place.

For special requests like this, please email our info box: info@happyearthcleaning.com and we can help you out!

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