deep cleaning services near New Brighton, MN

Here’s How We work

Arrival and Initial Assessment

Our professional cleaning team, skilled in eco-friendly cleaning practices, will arrive at your home or office. If you’re on-site, they’ll meet with you to discuss any updates or focus areas; if not, they’ll check for any notes you’ve left. This ensures they can always integrate your priorities into the plan. Following the initial plan crafted by our sales team is standard unless otherwise directed by your notes.

Cleaning Process

The team begins by assessing the cleanliness level and uses your plan to align with your cleaning expectations. Diving into work focusing on our Basic standards, they manage Extras upon your request or as time permits. The Supervisor monitors progress, deciding which Extras can be tackled with any available time. We occasionally reach out to suggest Extras we identify during our visits, seeking your approval for additional time if needed.

During the Appointment

You can be present during your appointment, but do not be offended if your team does not have a long time to chat; they are only trying to get you the most value for your money. The team will also maintain social distance.

Appointment Day FAQs

Expect a 2-hour window for appointment start times, with the team arriving up to an hour before or after the scheduled time. This flexibility accommodates prior appointments, traffic, and other variables. We’ll inform you of any significant deviations from this window to ensure convenience.

We offer one-time and regular appointments for homes and offices, embedding them into a consistent schedule managed by a dedicated Dispatcher. Our professional cleaning services adapt to personnel changes without disrupting your schedule, backed by central Dispatch software to keep customer files current. Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding weekends, evenings, snow days, and holidays.

The total cleaning hours are divided by the number of cleaners to calculate the on-site duration. Our approach ensures efficiency and thoroughness within the allocated time.

A team of two or three, including a supervisor, handles your cleaning and prioritizes safety, efficiency, and consistency—our local and vetted cleaning professionals from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area ensure a high-quality service while supporting a community business.

It would be helpful for us if you declutter before we arrive to allow us to focus on deep cleaning. General tidying of surfaces and floors is most beneficial. For example, if dishes are left in the sink, we will need to wash them (or remove them) before cleaning the sink. An empty sink lets us focus on deep cleaning your kitchen and the rest of your home or office. Extra time will allow us to get to some of the items on our Extra list.

Key Code or Secure Outdoor Lockbox: Share a key code for your door or use a secure outdoor lockbox to provide a key. This ensures quick and secure access for our team.

Key Copy: Give us a copy of your home’s key, stored securely in our office between appointments. It’s a convenient option for recurring cleanings! We maintain strict security protocols for key management and are fully insured for peace of mind.

Being Present at Home: If you prefer, you can be at home during the cleaning to open the door for the team. But please remember, if we can’t access your home as scheduled, we’ll have to cancel and apply our same-day cancellation fee.

After each visit, you’ll receive a detailed email recap outlining the work done and future plans. This communication is crucial for tailoring our services to your evolving needs and providing a direct line to the Supervisor for feedback or updates.