Mission Statement

To provide an exceptional and personalized cleaning service that promotes a healthy environment and home.

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Guiding Principles

Encourage environmentally friendly behaviors.
Acknowledge that honest & timely feedback is imperative to the growth, development, & success of our company.
Respect each other, our mission, our customer, and our environment.
Trust our team to maintain the confidence of our customers.
Help to create positive and sustainable growth in the communities we serve.

Our Philosophy

We believe in happiness (obviously), and we believe happiness likes to trickle down…

Happy Planet

The top of the chain is a healthy planet. In keeping the Earth happy, we promise to:

  • Use only eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Reduce a vast majority of our paper usage with an iPad fleet
  • Eliminate one-time-use and disposable products from our day-to-day operations as much as possible.
  • Reuse cloth diapers, supplied by Do Good Diaper Service, as our main cleaning sponge/rag.
  • Utilize recycling/reuse programs to further reduce operations waste.

Happy Community

The next link down the happiness chain is our community. A healthy planet can support happy neighborhoods. In supporting Minneapolis and St. Paul, we pledge to:

  • Keep our customer’s fuzzy friends happy. All employees are pet-friendly (or pet-motivated!), and we can create cleaning plans around special animal needs. Pets are people, too!
  • Provide resources for our employees and customers to adopt their own green living habits. We’re happy to share our green cleaning knowledge — just ask!
  • Recycle our customers plastic bags. Simply leave them out for our team to collect on cleaning day.
  • Clean the streets of Minneapolis pro bono whenever we can.
  • Work with Second Harvest Heartland to collect annual Food Drive donations for our neighbors in need.
  • Partner with various pet rescues for our annual Pet Supply Drive.
  • Inspire our artist-cleaners to create a comic book every year in celebration of Earth Day — ask us for a copy!
  • Promote other Mpls/St. Paul businesses fighting the green fight.
  • Support other cooperatives and foster more democracy in our workplace.

Happy People

Next comes the most valuable link in the happiness chain, our people. We prefer to hire artists and other creative types, so we can support the culture they create off the clock. Teamwork, equality, and open communication are vital to operating a humanistic cleaning service. For that reason, our team can rely on us to:

  • Make employees our own — no contracts or 1099’s, just full W-2’s.
  • Pay competitive, livable wages.
  • Reimburse mileage that covers fuel, and helps with maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Purchase and maintain all green cleaning equipment and supplies necessary for their work.
  • Pay regular, hourly wages for all time spent on the job: driving time, cleaning time and office time.
  • Foster non-competitive promotion from within.
  • Offer a matching-fund IRA retirement plan.
  • Provide them each their own Costco membership.
  • Offer 6 sick days per year and growing PTO for years employed.
  • Encourage individual growth through paid development time.

Happy Home

The final link in the happiness chain is you, our customer. A happy earth, community, and cleaning team result in a naturally happy home.