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About Lark


Pronouns: They/He

What brings me joy: Cats, dogs, my boyfriend Drew, my hamster Beanbag, soft pretzels, true crime podcasts (ironically), video games, comics, TikTok, Youtube, drawing, writing, receiving attention and validation
My favorite animal: Cat or Owl!
Something I'm a boss at: Drawing, but I am also good at playing Stardew Valley
My favorite quote: "Flowers are beautiful because they wither, if they stayed like that forever they wouldn't be beautiful. That's the fragility of the mortality of life, of wha-(*BURP*) makes things beautiful. You don't know sh*t." -Arin Hanson, 2019
One of my heroes: Kenji Nojima
What motivates me: The people who love me (or occasionally spite)